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Dating an assclown

‘I’m Not That Bad’ attitude and outlook – They’ll often compare what he/she deems to be worse to cast themselves in a better light and won’t consider something to be bad if they don’t think that there’s been a tangible and severe enough consequence, i.e.what would typically be the natural consequence of mistreating someone – that person not having anything to do with them anymore.The Reset Button – They possess a special ability to reset the relationship to whatever point that he/she feels most comfortable with, which is effectively like erasing the past.This is how they breeze their way back into various exes lives, disappearing for long enough and then bamboozling his/her way back in and trying to force out the memory of their misdemeanours.They use insecurity and fear and the prospect of telling you to beat it, to keep you in check.You’ll fall foul of this especially if you ‘cry wolf’ and engage in Women Who Talk (and Think) Too Much syndrome because they’ll realise that you’re crying and talking/complaining, but not going anywhere, and so recognises that the threat of him/her going or them disappearing after you voice any opposition, will create maximum impact, possibly even silencing you.What separates an assclown from someone who is unavailable but not shady, is that they have lots of other dodgy or downright outrageous behaviour that they’re doing while managing down your expectations.

Basically if you have boundaries, a relationship with an assclown cannot and will not work (you are unlikely to give them the time of day in the first place or for very long), because they on do things on their terms.

They’ll believe that they’re ‘not that bad’ if they believe that you don’t know the true extent of their dubious actions plus, coupled with his/her selective memory (see below with The Reset Button), they see themselves in a near glowing light anyway.

They then back up their ‘I’m not that bad’ attitude by justifying it with ridiculous utterings (see below).

An assclown is someone that deliberately and consistently goes out of their way to treat you without love, care, trust and respect.

They add little or no value to the relationship and the cost to you of being with him/her is often your self-esteem, your well-being, and in some instances, your career, family, friends, finances and more.

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