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If left intact, it will grow so big it will drag the ground. After surgery, the girl’s legs are usually tied together for a couple of months, to allow the raw flesh to heal.

It will make women undesirable to potential husbands. Remove it to cure epilepsy, lesbianism, masturbation, melancholia, and nymphomania. Perhaps as many as half of all women in Africa have had it removed. About 10% of all girls undergoing FGM have the Type III procedure.

Remove it to liberate the female body from masculine properties. Type IV FGM encompasses all other forms of mutilation, sometimes in conjunction with Types I, II, or III.

Type III is infibulation with excision, or pharaonic circumcision.

Some critics of the procedure cite its ancient Egyptian origin as evidence that it is not sanctioned by any of the major religions practiced today in spite of the common belief that the Koran (Qur’an) advocates it.

Some Koranic scholars find no specific mention of it in Muslim scripture but find, instead, the tenets that men should make every effort to ensure their wives enjoy lovemaking and that man is in no position to alter or adulterate any of God’s creations.

There is no mention of female circumcision in the scriptures of other major world religions, either.

Questions concerning contraception and pregnancy are almost taboo for many in the cuckold hotwife community.

As a hotwife cuckold couple, have you talked about the pregnancy risk and birth control issue?

Wives who are fertile & not on BC pills, who are you most careful with?

If the wife is fertile, not on the pill and doesn’t use condoms with other men, what type of birth control does she use with other men?

Rhythm Method in combination with diaphragm or withdraw.

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Instead of clean surgical instruments, cutters often use broken glass, blunt knives, razors, scissors, or tin can lids instead.

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